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"Butterdollarfly: 100 to 1", 2013. USD and Jamaican dollar bills, thread, laminated paper. Limited Edition. 120 pieces.

Here are a selection of photographs documenting the project as it unfolds.

The first invasion is made up of 120 butterdollarflies that will be disbursed at one particular location.  This is currently a secret location in  Jamaica, W.I.

We at the kingdom are hoping to disburse more butterdollarflies with more invasions but this all depends on you!

Here they are with thread antennas.

In the beginning the butterdollarfly had wire antennas. Then after careful thought and consideration I decided to make them out of thread. That way they are more delicate and less harmful to people.

Here they are in a butterfy gift bag!

Here they are in detail. They sure are growing in numbers!

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