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“Butterdollarfly” is an intervention art project created by an artist from NYC who currently wishes to remain anonymous. Each “Butterdollarfly” is made of USD $1 bills on the upper wing and on the lower wings the Jamaican $100 bill. This meaning that each "Butterdollarfly" is valued at approximately $2 USD.  This $100 JA to $1 USD exchange is the approximate value of the current foreign exchange rate between both nations currencies. 
 “ Butterdollarflies: 100 to 1” was created as a response to the hybrid state of the Jamaican economy, the reference of the current state of environmental sustainability that is in flux due to commercial development and the natural landscape that’s declining in Jamaica due to the IMF agreement causing economic disparity in third world nations. The term butter in this case refers to the phrase ‘bread and butter’ and so by dispersing these “Butterdollarflies” the lucky finder will be able to buy some butter to go with bread, hopefully! Each one is made with love, compassion, and really is just a gesture of a random act of kindness from the artist to whomever finds one.

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